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CONTACT: hellohellawitchy@gmail.com

In-person readings:

SAT JAN 26 - Everyday Magic, 125 E. Parrish St., Durham NC

JAN (TBD) - Arcana, 331 W. Main St. (back entrance), Durham NC

Reservations are highly recommended.

For EVERYDAY MAGIC readings, drop in, or visit their EVENTS PAGE to sign up online.

For ARCANA readings, please drop in, or email hellohellawitchy@gmail.com to reserve your time.




Take advantage of the full-speed-ahead energies of 2019! A 5-card tarot video (15 - 20 minutes) offers insight into the main mythological themes for your year ahead. The 4-page written astrological report charts the major 2019 transits effecting your birth chart. Both readings are great tools for re-visiting over the course of the year. — $55 each, $99 both

2019 Year Ahead

Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn ASTRO SPECIAL

Saturn and Pluto are large-and-in-charge in Capricorn for the next two years, (to be joined there by Jupiter in 2020!). As everyone has Capricorn in their chart somewhere, this means deep transformations, re-structuring and eventually expansion in a specific area of life, depending on your chart’s energies. This one-page report identifies which area of life Saturn & Pluto are effecting in your chart, and offers practical advice on how to use the energies effectively for positive results and unfoldment! — $44

Saturn+Pluto 2019 Astrology


All gifts are delivered via email-gift-card, with your message (optional) and instructions for planning the recipient’s reading. After purchase I will email you to arrange delivery of your gifts!

In addition, Hella Witchy is offering a 15% discount on purchases of any three a la carte readings! Choose from the services below, then email HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com with the items you wish to purchase, and receive a PayPal invoice with your discounted rates.


For tarot readings, please provide your specific questions in an email to HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com.  If you prefer “blind” interpretation, please write your questions down for yourself on a piece of paper to help focus the energy for your reading.

For astrology readings, please provide birth information in an email to HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com: Your 1.) DATE  2.) EXACT TIME and 3.) LOCATION (City/State/Country) of birth.

GROUP RATES / PARTIES - $118 / hour

Tarot + Astrology Reading

TAROT + ASTROLOGY (60 minutes) - A comprehensive, 10-card tarot spread, plus cards to clarify up to three questions or specific concerns.  The astrological chart is visited in conjunction with the Tarot, with a focus on the major energetics effecting the querent's chart over the next three to twelve months. -- $118

Life Direction Reading

TAROT - Life Direction (“Celtic Cross” spread, 10 cards, 30 minutes) - This reading overviews your current life direction, offering avenues to consider for breaking through challenges and aligning with your deeper purpose.  Up to three specific questions can be addressed in conjunction with this reading, for which additional cards may be drawn. — $72

The Hella Quicky

TAROT - The Hella Quicky - (3 cards, 15 minutes) This reading gives wham bam insight and advice in response to one question or concern.  This reading is delivered within 24 hours. — $22

Astro 101 & Transits

ASTROLOGY - Astro 101 + Current Transits (30 minutes) - This reading acquaints you with the basics of astrology, the most prominent energies in your birth-chart, and the most important planetary transits ahead in relation to your chart. — $72

Solar Return

ASTROLOGY - Solar Return (20 minutes) - This reading is a great birthday gift for yourself or someone you love!  The astrological chart for this year's birthday provides a snapshot of the upcoming planetary transits from birthday-to-birthday, illuminating the life areas (career, home, finances, spirituality, etc.) where energy can be best utilized for positive results over the coming solar year. -- $45

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Kamara Thomas is a mythology fanatic who approaches tarot and astrology as doorways through which a vast treasury of mythology engages one’s personal, unique, heroic journey and cycles. Everyone’s life is a story, and discovering the unconscious collective myths that are “lighting up” in your experience can help you gain a deeper understanding of your personal journey.

We don’t know what we don’t know. Energies are always available to be utilized, and free will works best when we can make conscious decisions toward our most positive unfoldment. Tarot and astrology readings are great tools that invite the intuition, and bring what is unconscious into awareness and clarity.

Kamara's intention is to offer a fresh perspective on obstacles, transitions and turning points; to illuminate possibilities and choices; to inspire the direction forward. She always offers at least one actionable step that can be taken to align with the energies at hand.

CONTACT HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com for your reading!