Tarot and astrology readings open a gateway to a deep understanding of your present moment.  A reading can affirm your path and help to align your energies with the decisions, challenges, and developments that face you.  Any number of card combinations will tell you the same thing-- what you need to know RIGHT NOW to move forward and break through in any given area of life.

Kamara has been reading tarot cards professionally for over fifteen years.  Her approach is based on Earth and moon cycles, world mythology, the Heroine's / Hero's Journey, and conceptions of the Divine Feminine.

Astrological chart readings help clients explore the primary energies present in their birth charts, as well as the significant planetary transits of the moment. Kamara pays special attention to Saturn transits as they relate to phases in each client's Heroic Journey.

For those living in the Triangle (North Carolina), a meeting can take place at a mutually agreed upon space.  Skype or Facebook Chat sessions are an easy option for those farther afield.

Please email Kamara for more information and to schedule your reading at: annwynarts@gmail.com


Please purchase using the PayPal options below, or request an invoice by email. Rates for larger groups and barter/trades with healing arts practitioners (Durham/Triangle only) can also be discussed via email. 

Personal readings are recorded and delivered via mp3 within a week of the reading.  Group readings are followed up with a short overview of each person's reading via email.

SINGLE READINGS - Tarot and Astrology

30-minute Tarot reading (3 -5 card spread) - $45

60-minute Tarot reading (10 card spread) - $72

30-minute Astrological Chart Reading  - $45

60-minute Astrological Chart Reading - $72

Single Readings


$120 - Tea Party - three people, tarot or astrology charts (2 hours, $40/45 minutes per person)

$140 - Tea Party - four people, tarot or astrology charts (2 hours, $35/30 min per person)

Tarot Tea Parties