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Read about my approach to tarot and astrology in the sections below.

EVENTS - Come see me for an in-person reading:

SAT NOV 17, 12 - 4PM - Everyday Magic, 125 E. Parrish St., Durham NC

SAT NOV 24, 12 - 4PM - Everyday Magic, 125 E. Parrish St., Durham NC

CONTACT: HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com

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Tarot + Astrology Reading

Tarot + Astrology (60 minutes total) - This comprehensive reading offers a 45-minute, 10-card traditional tarot spread, plus cards to clarify up to three questions or specific concerns.  After the tarot reading 15 minutes is spent with the astrological chart with a focus on the major energetics effecting the querent's chart over the next three to twelve months. -- $118

NOTE: Please provide birth information in an email to hellohellawitchy@gmail.com: DATE / EXACT TIME / LOCATION (City, State).


For tarot readings, please provide your specific questions in an email to HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com.  If you prefer me to interpret “blind”, I do ask that you write your questions down for yourself on a piece of paper to help focus the energy for your reading.

Life Direction Reading

Life Direction Reading (“Celtic Cross” spread, 10 cards, 30 minutes) - This reading overviews your current life direction, offering avenues to consider for breaking through challenges and aligning with your deeper purpose.  Up to three specific questions can be addressed in conjunction with this reading, for which additional cards may be drawn. — $72

Three Questions Reading

Three Questions (6 card spread, 20 minutes) - This reading addresses three specific questions regarding any area of life, and how to proceed positively, for the highest good of all. — $45

The Hella Quickie

The Hella Quickie - (3 cards, 10 minutes) This reading gives wham bam insight and advice in response to one question.  When possible I try to deliver this reading within 24 hours. This is a great reading for skeptics— give it a try and see what happens! — $22


For astrology readings, please provide birth information in an email to HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com:

I will need your 1.) DATE  2.) EXACT TIME and 3.) LOCATION (City/State/Country) of birth.

Astro 101 & Transits

Astrology 101 and Current Transits (30 minutes) - This reading acquaints you with the basics of astrology, the most prominent energies in your birth-chart, and the most important planetary transits of the months ahead in relation to your chart. — $72

Solar Return

Solar Return (20 minutes) - This reading is a great birthday gift for yourself or someone you love!  The astrological chart for this year's birthday provides a snapshot of the upcoming planetary transits from birthday-to-birthday, illuminating the life areas (career, home, finances, spirituality, etc.) where energy can be best utilized for positive results over the coming solar year. -- $45

The Hella Witchy

The Hella Witchy (60 minutes) - This reading does everything in the above Astrology 101 & Transits reading, and goes a bit deeper, acquainting you with the esoteric, fierce, feminist, goddess bodies that are playing an important role in the current zeitgeist: Black Moon Lilith, dwarf planets like Eris (goddess of discord) and Haumea (Hawaiian goddess of fertility), and the asteroid Pele (goddess of volcanoes), are among some of the mythological energies at play. This reading will help you "fine tune your fierce-out" in those areas of life where She is taking a stand! — $118


A rich and diverse collection of stories are contained in our world mythologies. The theme of the Heroine’s / Hero’s Journey can be found in so many of these stories, and a multitude of characters’ journeys have collected and crystallized into symbols and meaning within the Tarot and Astrological systems.

Tarot symbols correspond to both major and mundane events in the heroic cycle. In the astrological chart, every known planet, star, or cosmic body has been named after a mythological figure, and the twelve “houses” in the chart correspond to the progression of the heroic journey.

My name is Kamara Thomas and I'm a mythology fanatic, singer, songspeller, and storyteller. I approach tarot and astrology readings as a doorway through which we can learn from this vast treasury of stories and engage our unique heroic cycles.

Everyone’s life is a story, and discovering the myths that are “lighting up” in our experience at any given moment can help us to gain a deeper understanding of our journey.

My intention is for these tarot or astrology readings to offer a fresh perspective on obstacles, transitions and turning points; to illuminate possibilities and choices; to inspire the direction forward. I always try to offer at least one actionable step that can be taken to align with the energies at hand, based upon what I see in the tarot or chart reading. That said, I believe readings are tools that help to clarify and bring into conscious awareness what the querent already knows intuitively.

CONTACT: HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com