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Coming to Lincoln Center Education, NYC in 2015...

Songs from Tularosa

TULAROSA is a song-cycle and musical theatre work-in-development that explores the mythology of the American West and the cultural, economic, religious and environmental movements that have shaped the American Dream.

The songs were first inspired by Kamara's study of the Tularosa region of New Mexico, an arid expanse of land that has been fought over for centuries-- first by the native tribes of the region, then by incoming Mexican farmers, Texas ranchers, railroaders and eastern capitalists. Additional songs were inspired by an expanded study of America's seminal religious movements, social migrations and exploitations and shaping of the American landscape. 

As a theatrical storytelling work-in-development, Tularosa is a reflection on the history and outcomes of underlying American mythologies-- specifically, beliefs in manifest destiny, land exploitation, technological progress, government-sanctioned violence and fundamentalism.

Kamara will present Tularosa in repertory for Lincoln Center Education in April 2015.