AQUARIAN TAROT with Kamara Thomas

Tarot readings open a gateway to a deep understanding of your present moment.  A reading can affirm the path you're on and help you adjust your thinking about any decisions, challenges, or developments that face you.  Any number of card combinations will tell you the same thing-- what you need to know RIGHT NOW to move forward and break through in any given area of your life.

Kamara has been reading tarot cards professionally for over fifteen years.  Her approach is based on mythology, natural cycles and the Heroine/Hero's Journey. 

To schedule a reading, please email her at , or call/text (347) 610-4351.  If you live in the Triangle (North Carolina) a meeting can take place in Kamara's home or a mutually agreed upon space.  Skype sessions are also available for those far afoot.


$45 - half-hour reading (3 -5 card short spread)

$75 - one-hour reading (10 card long spread)

$120 - 2 hour Tarot Party - three people

$120 - 2 hour Tarot Party - four people

Please email me to discuss rates for larger groups!