A Mystery Rite for Spring


Libretto by Kamara Thomas

Music by Kamara Thomas & Matthew Whyte

Additional songs by Gabriel Berezin, Emily Denton & Suzan Hurtuk


LISTEN to selected songs from "Bulgaria" HERE:


In 2005 Kamara began developing BULGARIA, a dark musical fairy tale based on the myths of Persephone and the Eleusinian mystery rites of ancient Greece.

The story:  Two suicidal women arrive in an alternate reality--  "Bulgaria".  Populated by neurotics and ruled by mysterious bird-women, Bulgaria is a land of eternal winter.  The heroines must undertake a journey into the unknown to search for the jewel that will bring Spring to the land. 

A chorus of women comments on the adventure, dance-morphing into flocks of birds, a great tree, and The Minnesinger Sphoenix-- a fantastical being, part moth, beetle and butterfly.  Great puppets and grand pictograms parade through the audience, entwining a modern ritual throughout the story.  

BULGARIA is a theatre spectacle and community rite that celebrates the transition from Winter to Spring, coming soon to a performance landscape near you...