Make a joyful noise, and learn great technique singing songs that you love!   

Anyone can sing, and everyone should--  singing builds confidence in the power of your voice and letting yourself be heard!

Kamara's vocal instruction focuses on two areas. Students first learn excellent technique-- breathing and singing exercises that strengthen, challenge and tone the entire vocal system.  Students then choose songs to work on and master, providing the motivation and passion to improve their abilities.  After six voice lessons, students may wish to advance to songwriting and guitar in conjunction with their singing.  Young-artist mentoring is also available.  Private lessons are tailored to each unique voice and suited to students who enjoy singing and wish to improve.  Group lessons offer a fun, low pressure introduction-- building excellent vocal technique and confidence while singing with others. Group sessions take place monthly!

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My music class with Kamara was great!  I loved the songs we practiced and the warm-ups. -- Lucie P-K 5 yrs old.

We love Kamara's voice lessons. It has been wonderful to see my daughter foster her passion for music with such a talented teacher and artist. Kamara builds a warm and welcoming class environment. She meets children where they are and helps them expand their horizons, encouraging self-expression and ownership over their art.  I was surprised by how much my daughter took away from each lesson. She talks about breath-work, emotion, and how to properly annunciate her favorite songs.  Her non-stop singing has become even more non-stop... if that's possible. I would highly recommend!  -- Britney, parent

After being captivated by Kamara Thomas' live performances, there was no question who my daughter wanted to take voice lessons from.  Kamara is gifted at keeping the kids focused and engaged, while we parents listen to sweet warm ups and kids singing their little heart out at every class.  An extra unexpected bonus?  Kamara is teaching my daughter self-confidence.  Thank you Kamara! -- Denise, parent

Kamara is extraordinary at getting kids excited about singing! In just a few short weeks she had our six-year-old daughter breathing deeply, projecting, and feeling confident about singing in front of an audience. Her class was so much fun and we recommend it wholeheartedly! -- Emily, parent



Private lessons last 30 minutes and take place in Kamara's home studio in northern Durham, NC. Ages 6 and up. Please contact Kamara to discuss other possible arrangements, such as Skype.  Regular vocal students participate in periodic group recitals for family and friends.



$35 / one lesson

$90 / three lesson package

$150 / six lesson package

Single Voice Lesson
Voice Lesson Pack (3)
Voice Lesson Pack (6)

GROUP LESSONS (Summer 2018):

Group lessons last 30 minutes and take place in Kamara's home studio in northern Durham, NC.  Ages 6 -12.  Minimum 3 students / Maximum 10 students.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive location details and confirmation of your child's spot in class. 

Please contact Kamara about scholarships, or to arrange a neighborhood or friends' group session at a mutually agreed upon home or space.  If you host a lesson in your home with at least three other students, your child gets their lessons at half-price!