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FEATURING: Megan Bowser, Zoia Cisneros, Jamila Davenport, Fiona Dawson, Sarah Dawson, Angel Dozier, Amy Godfrey, Kari Hill, Ken Rumble, Aya Shabu, Nnedinma Umeadi, Joyce Ventimiglia, Sofia Ventimiglia, & Dale Wolf.

Choreography: Aya Shabu

Pictographs: Chelsea Avchen & Susie Crooks

Inflatable Scenery: Tom Dawson

Costumes: Ann Thaden

Written & directed by Kamara Thomas

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Artist Statement

SOAPBOX is a group public performance taking place in downtown Durham on October 19, 2018, Third Friday. The work will feature orations by actors standing atop a soapbox, an all-female chorus, and scenic installations.  Community processions will take place between oratory performances at public spaces in downtown Durham, including Central Park, Durham Convention Center Plaza, CCB Plaza, and Black Wall Street Gardens.

Text and imagery will zero in on “American Archetypes” as the basis for each oration, presenting a dynamic snapshot from inside the boiling pot of viewpoints in our country and local community.

SOAPBOX will be an engaging, cacophonous, beautiful, pulsating group "organism", a festive and thought-provoking spectacle, where each audience member will see and hear a different message, based upon their own perspective and individual movement. This energetic portrait of the local community’s— and America’s— varying perspectives, is intended to encourage us to listen to one another, and to tolerate and even celebrate our differences during this period of communal change.

This project was made possible by: